Latest facial recognition solution announced by IDEMIA

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IDEMIA has released VisionPass SP, the latest generation of its facial recognition access control solution.  

In 2020, IDEMIA launched VisionPass, a device that thwarts all kinds of spoofing attempts.  

This year, an additional version, called VisionPass SP (Simplified Profile), will be added to the range.  

With all the features and capabilities of the field proven, VisionPass, the SP version, provides accurate and fair matching results in less than one second, for all users, in any lighting.  

IDEMIA reports that this will improve the user experience while maintaining a high level of security. 

VisionPass SP is a compact terminal developed to ease integration into various environments.  

With an eco-friendly design it offers automatic deep-sleep mode capability, reducing power consumption. 

Facial recognition and AI go hand in hand  

To build VisionPass SP, IDEMIA paired its latest advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms with an optical set combining visible, infrared and 3D stereovision to meet the expectations of the clients. 

Integrating the latest cybersecurity standard, VisionPass SP embeds a secure-by-default configuration to enforce security in the field to prevent cyber-attacks. 

“VisionPass SP has been developed with customers and end-users in mind, to meet both security and convenience requirements,” said Virginie Flam, SVP access Control, IDEMIA.  

“Furthermore, VisionPass SP has succeeded in reducing our environmental impact, with a greener design and energy saving.”

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