Fast Guard Service sends help to tornado hit Panama City

Fast Guard Security - Tornado

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In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that struck Panama City on 9 January 2024, Fast Guard Service has announced its immediate deployment of security personnel to assist the affected community.  

The unprecedented weather event has left over 100 households displaced, creating a dire need for organized response and support. 

Understanding the critical nature of the situation, the company is deploying trained security guards to the hardest-hit areas to ensure the safety and security of both the residents and their properties. 

“Our hearts go out to all those affected by these tragic tornadoes,” said Thasema James, a representative of Fast Guard Service.  

“In these times of uncertainty and distress, Fast Guard Service is dedicated to providing steadfast support and security to help stabilize the community.” 

Aid for those affected by the tornado 

The security guards from Fast Guard Service will focus on several key areas, including protecting vulnerable properties, as many homes have been damaged or destroyed.  

The guards will maintain a vigilant presence to deter the increased risk of looting, vandalism and other criminal activities.  

Personnel will also work alongside the local emergency services to help manage the situation, offering assistance wherever necessary to support relief efforts.  

For those displaced, temporary shelters are being established. Security guards will be present at these locations to maintain order and ensure the safety of all occupants. 

To facilitate smooth operations of relief efforts, guards will also assist in managing crowds and directing traffic in affected areas. 

Fast Guard Service is working closely with local authorities and disaster response teams to assess ongoing needs and adjust its support accordingly.  

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