First wave of Liberty Defense screening tech launched

Liberty Defense and screening tech

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Liberty Defense has announced that it has completed production of its first HEXWAVE screening systems, a platform capable of detecting non-metallic and metallic threats, including 3D printed ghost guns and liquid, powder or plastic explosives, without having to stop or remove common items like cell phones, keys and jackets while going through the HEXWAVE portals.

“This is a significant milestone and accomplishment for the company,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“We’ve had great support over the years from MIT Lincoln Labs and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to finalize the design and define performance requirements, but it would not have happened without the expertise and experience of our engineering and operations team in Atlanta and Boston.

“Years of effort went into developing this truly next-generation screening technology and it is great to know it will be at customer sites soon to protect the public.”

Security screening

The company says that it has also signed distribution agreements with key strategic partners for increased market penetration in the aviation and urban security markets.

“Our mission is not done and we will continue to enhance the software algorithms and AI capability to stay ahead of new threats like 3D printed guns, suicide vestsand other explosive materials that can do harm in public spaces,” added Frain.

“We like to think our system is future proof, as we can seamlessly send software updates to our customers once the HEXWAVE is deployed in the field.”

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