Florida school district expands use of AI-based gun detection

Lockers in school - where ZeroEyes AI-based gun detection is deployed

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ZeroEyes, developers of an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform, has announced that the Hernando County School District of Brooksville, Florida has significantly expanded its deployment of the company’s proactive software solution.

Following a successful one-year implementation, the district is layering ZeroEyes’ AI technology on top of existing security cameras in more than ten facilities, where it will identify brandished guns and dispatch alerts to safety personnel and local law enforcement as fast as three to five seconds from the moment of detection.

In addition to proactive gun detection, the company says its solution will provide actionable intelligence to local law enforcement and security staff for situational awareness, which is critical for containing threats as quickly as possible.

Protecting schools

“In active shooting drills conducted over the past year, ZeroEyes has demonstrated that it significantly reduces response times, which is critical for saving lives,” said Jill D. Renihan, Director of Safe Schools, Hernando County School Board. “As gun-related incidents continue across the nation, we feel strongly that the entire district can benefit from this proactive solution.”

Located on the central-west coast of Florida, Hernando County School District is composed of ten elementary, three K-8, four middle and five high schools, as well as three charter schools, one alternative school and three technical/adult education centers. It serves more than 24,000 students and employs approximately 3,100 staff members.

Continued work

“We are very proud that our proactive gun detection tool has met and exceeded Hernando County Schools’ expectations,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO and Co-Founder of ZeroEyes. “We will continue to provide the same customer service and support that they have come to expect as we work together to protect students and faculty against gun-related violence.”

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