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Revealing the G4S Principal Security Effects

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“Good security is the intelligent and proportionate application of countermeasures to reduce risk” writes expert, Noah Price in the new Principal Security Effects Guide published by the G4S Academy.

“Principal security effects are exactly the same as they were thousands of years ago and have not changed” explains Noah Price, Head of the G4S Academy for the UK and Ireland. “What has changed are the security solutions, which are constantly being developed.

“In the industry, there are differing opinions on what the principal security effects should be. At G4S, our view is that Detect, Delay and Respond form the key backbone principal effects in any integrated security programme.”

The Principal Security Effects Guide is the first in a new series from the G4S Academy, a platform within G4S that works collaboratively with customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to create knowledge and value together.

The G4S Academy’s mission is to create and share knowledge based on G4S’s global expertise that will reinforce how it provides safety, security and enhance value for its customers.

Noah retired as a Major in the British Army in 2007, having served in the Brigade of Gurkhas and in the Army Air Corps. He has been with G4S ever since as the Director of Gurkha Services up to 2015, Head of Solution Design from 2016 to 2019 and now as Head of the G4S Academy for the UK and Ireland.

“Inadequate security will leave us exposed whilst excessive security is expensive, intrusive and often ineffective,” explains Noah in the new guide.

“The whole idea of security is to understand risks. Risks are created by potential threats which exploit vulnerabilities and the purpose of security is to put in place measures to counter the potential threats. Through a Risk-Based Approach, you are able to identify countermeasures more effectively.

“Our Risk Based Approach is built upon three fundamental questions: What do you need to protect? What do you need to protect it from? And how do you most effectively protect it?”

Learn more about how you can more effectively and efficiently protect people and property by downloading the G4S Academy Principal Security Effects Guide here.

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