Gallagher access control releases integration with Qognify VMS

Laptop and cogs - integration of Qognify VMS and Gallagher access control

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Qognify, a provider of physical security and enterprise incident management solutions, and Gallagher, a manufacturer of flexible, integrated access control solutions, have announced the release of a new integration.

According to the companies, their new collaboration will combine the Qognify video management system (VMS) and Gallagher access control.

The new integration

Qognify says that it offers a set of open interfaces that enable a seamless connection to other physical security technologies such as access control, intruder alarms or video analysis. Based on this technology, a new true bi-directional integration between Qognify VMS and Gallagher access control is now available.

Depending on the end user’s workflows and preferences, either Gallagher Command Center or Qognify VMS may be used as the leading system. Thus, the Gallagher system can display live and archive video streams from the VMS. Vice versa, the Qognify VMS plugin is able to dynamically read entity and status information (i.e., door open, door forced, etc.) from the Gallagher system.

This information can then be visualized on maps and floor plans in the VMS. In addition, doors can be controlled (i.e., locked/unlocked) from within the VMS client, giving security personnel the ability to react quickly and appropriately to a situation without having to switch between different user interfaces.


“As an independent provider of physical security software, we attach great importance to technology partnerships that enable system integrators and end customers to create their specific security ecosystems. The bidirectional integration of Gallagher access control is another important building block for generating joint success in project business,” said Andreas Beerbaum, Vice President of Sales – International at Qognify.

“Gallagher is committed to ongoing innovation with our Command Center solution. A critical aspect of this innovation depends on building rich application programming interfaces and integration points as ultimately, this ensures that customers can extend the site management software ecosystem in ways that suit the way they work,”said Technical Account Manager for Gallagher security – Africa, Lee Smyth.

“We are pleased to be working in partnership with Qognify VMS to be able to offer customers with an integration that further enables a solution that is customized to their business needs.”

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