Gallagher Security updates SMB with two new features


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Gallagher Security has updated its cloud-based security solution SMB with two new features, including video linking and panic notifications.

According to the company, with a number of SMB End Users using CCTV systems, an opportunity that enabled its existing camera system to sit within SMB without the need for further investment or training was essential.

Identifying genuine threats

“The release of Video Linking gives our End Users more clarity when an alarm is triggered at their business,” said Lisa Tubb, Senior Product Manager SMB, Gallagher Security.

“By allowing them to connect to their security camera app via the SMB app, they can instantly validate whether a genuine threat exists, or whether a false alarm has been triggered and then action the appropriate response.

“Security camera systems are costly to replace, but the SMB Video Linking feature works with a range of camera systems so you can continue using your existing setup and the functionality that comes with it.

“Video linking supports a range of major security camera brands including Eagle Eye, Hanwha Vision, NX Witness and Provision IR with more to be added in future”.

The additional release of panic notifications enables more control over the alarms businesses see, receiving alerts for only those deemed critical.

This ensures less noise and the assurance End Users will never miss an emergency, Gallagher reports.

Greater user experience

“With so many notifications coming into your phone throughout the day, reducing the noise is important,” added Tubb.

“With Panic Notifications, you can opt to receive only panic alarm alerts, which is especially important for business owners, area managers or health and safety officers who have oversight of the security of multiple business sites.

“By receiving only these types of notifications, key decision-makers experience less noise and can act quickly if a security incident relating to their staff occurs.

“We’re excited to bring these new features to the SMB solution, providing a greater user experience and improved business efficiency for our users.”

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