Gallagher and Prosegur reveal partnership for site management security

Partnership - site management security

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Gallagher Security has announced a new strategic partnership with Prosegur Security, with the intention of joining their site management and monitoring services under one unified solution.

According to the companies, they have both been expanding their presence in the US and see this partnership as a move that will continue this growth.

By combining Gallagher’s access control, intrusion and perimeter solutions with Prosegur’s hybrid security solutions – consisting of people, technology and data – the two companies aim to offer a robust, centralized platform for site management that simplifies security while strengthening the protection of people and assets.

Site management and security

“Prosegur and Gallagher share similar values and our two businesses are perfectly matched to help each other grow,” said Natalie Bannon, Director of Strategic Alliances for Gallagher Security – Americas.

“Prosegur’s security solutions deliver exceptional value to users and complement our curb-to-core security ecosystem in a way that’s going to strengthen Gallagher’s Command Centre’s already powerful capabilities.

“I’m excited to hit the ground running and see where this partnership takes us both.”

“We are thrilled to announce this strategic collaboration with our global partner, Gallagher Security, as we both share the dedication to being at the forefront of technological innovation,” said Mark Barbaric, Head of Prosegur’s Technology Division.

“This alliance is anchored in a shared vision for strategic growth, an aligned focus on vertical market sectors and an uncompromising commitment to our clients.

“Together, we’ll lead the way with a hybrid security approach, blending professional guarding services with cutting-edge technology. This encapsulates Prosegur’s dedication to innovation and security.”

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