Garrett releases new metal detector solution to market

Paragon from Garrett Metal Detectors

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Garrett Metal Detectors is now taking orders for its newly released Paragon detector.

According to the company, Paragon is the new capstone for its line of walk-through security screening products, with 66 detection zones and innovative new features for ease of use like Zero Touch NFC capability and Ambiscan directional sensitivity.

Metal detectors

“Paragon was designed to fit its name which means ‘perfect example’,” said┬áSteve Novakovich, CEO of Garrett.

“We believe traditional walk-though metal detector architecture has a bright future in applications that require superior detection. It is still necessary to detect small metallic items in loss prevention environments and to find small knives and disassembled weapons in schools, entertainment venues and government facilities.

“Recent ‘weapon detection’ systems struggle with these critical tasks. That’s where Paragon comes in. Paragon combines superior detection with an industry-leading feature set that helps security-minded operators get the most out of their security equipment. We are confident that Paragon will assume the pinnacle position of the security screening hierarchy.”

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