Genetec provide Miami Marlins with parking lot security solution


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loanDepot Park is home to MLB team, Miami Marlins. The facility regularly hosts large-scale events which requires significant parking lot security.

loanDepot Park is located within a residential neighborhood in downtown Miami with challenging roadway infrastructure and few mass transit alternatives. The resulting traffic and congestion on game days had become a big pain point for fans. On busy game days, wait times to pay and park were so long that some fans were missing the first pitch because they were still stuck in line.

Genetec had previously partnered with Miami Parking Authority to implement parking enforcement in the city based on automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). The Marlins knew Genetec had experience working successfully with key local partners and since Miami Parking Authority is also the operator of the loanDepot park parking facilities, the connection was seamless.

Genetec AutoVu had proven to work well in Miami and offered many important benefits for the Marlins. For one thing, AutoVu Free-Flow updates information in real-time, so enforcement remains accurate — no more managing, sharing, or forgetting physical permits.

By using Genetec AutoVu Free-Flow and Mobile Post Payment, the Miami Marlins were able to drastically reduce queues and facilitate post-payment for parking. loanDepot park is the first facility in professional sports to adopt this free-flow method of parking at all on-site parking facilities. After implementation, parking wait times were reduced, dramatically improving the fan experience on game days.

AutoVu Free-Flow has successfully mitigated traffic and congestion around the ballpark to create a better experience for event attendees.

“The Genetec solution aims to address that concern for any size venue. It removes the frustration of waiting in long lines, helping improve guest satisfaction by allowing fans to get into the venue quicker so they can enjoy the experience that much more,” said Mike McKeon, Owner of Parking Partners.

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