Genetec opens new experience center in Washington, DC

Genetec experience center

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Genetec has announced the opening of a new office and state-of-the-art experience center in Washington, DC.

Named DCXC, the company says that the experience center showcases its innovative solutions and large ecosystem of industry-leading technology partners.

According to the company, the on-site technology center operates as a fully functioning security operation center (SOC), providing an immersive experience for customers in any industry to see how Genetec solutions can directly enhance their security and operations.

Other features include a learning center for training, partner meeting spaces and office space for the growing Genetec US-based team.

A full ecosystem

“We look forward to welcoming channel partners, technology partners and end users to our flagship experience center in the US,” said Kyle Hurt, Area Vice President for US and Canada.

“From the meticulous attention to detail to the full ecosystem of advanced technology, DCXC encompasses our renowned reputation for excellence and innovation.

“Visitors can explore our solutions and collaborate with our on-site team to discover how Genetec best meets their security and operational goals.”

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