Gigamon delivers advancements with GigaVUE 6.0 release


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Gigamon, has announced an expansive set of new capabilities to the Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline. GigaVUE 6.0, the software powering Gigamon Hawk, democratises security delivery across networking, security and cloud operations teams while dramatically reducing cross-platform cost and complexity.

Gigamon Hawk helps IT teams scale up and scale out with confidence, eliminate security and performance blind spots across cloud traffic and unmanaged hosts and gain application transparency to secure against threats-in-motion across distributed hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Gigamon Hawk amplifies the power of observability by accessing network traffic at the source, whether virtual, container, or physical and efficiently aggregates, optimises and enriches it while serving actionable, network-level intelligence to any tooling, anywhere.

Changing requirements in a cloud-first world

According to Flexera, 92% of large organisations have embraced a multi-cloud infrastructure strategy. In addition, according to market research firm EMA, 96% of large organisations expect to integrate network packet and observability intelligence, with 77% planning to use network-level intelligence to fortify hybrid cloud security. Consequently, 81% of organisations have experienced a cloud-related security incident in the past year.

A new frontier: Deep observability

The release introduces a series of major advancements including:

  • Next-gen container network visibility – GigaVUE now enables the acquisition of container traffic, delivering the industry’s first universal container tap (UCT) solution deployable with any container network interface (CNI) and any container orchestration, powered by the enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) for network-level observability with minimal overhead. Deep observability for security and performance can now follow the workload no matter the ephemerality or scale of container-based micro-services.
  • Application metadata integration framework – Gigamon Hawk application metadata engine integrates directly with leading observability platforms, including Dynatrace, New Relic and Sumo Logic, using JavaScript object notation (JSON) and Kafka. This integration enables existing observability tools to perform new security functions, such as identifying rogue services, activities and illegal crypto mining.
  • Cloud-scale network telemetry processing – The new GigaVUE-HC1 Plus visibility appliance, an underlying component of Gigamon Hawk, delivers twice the pipeline processing performance in half the physical footprint and power requirements, compared to the previous generation. This purpose-built appliance can efficiently and economically process network telemetry by aggregating telemetry from physical, virtual and/or container workloads, including telemetry from public cloud workloads.

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