Gigamon partners with Riverbed to improve hybrid cloud deployment, monitoring and management


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Gigamon has announced a partnership with Riverbed in support of the recent Gigamon Hawk launch. Hawk is the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric for all data-in-motion across the hybrid cloud. An intuitive, data-driven network traffic visibility solution, Gigamon Hawk optimises traffic collection across cloud platforms, dramatically reduces manual steps required to manage evolving workloads and provides both on-premises and cloud tools with contextualised network information otherwise not possible.

With this partnership, mutual customers can leverage Riverbed’s network performance management (NPM) solutions to deliver unified packet, flow and device visibility across branch offices, data centres, hybrid and multi-cloud environments to optimise network and application troubleshooting. In addition, Riverbed’s Unified NPM solutions provide visibility to identify cyber threats and help IT quickly diagnose and respond to a full range of attacks so that enterprises can rely on fast, secure connectivity to the resources they depend on to run the business. Infrastructure complexity has grown exponentially with the acceleration of digital transformation and this complexity has led to a deficiency in digital infrastructure and a foundational visibility gap across the underlying hybrid cloud. As technology partners, Gigamon and Riverbed collectively provide a solution for hybrid and multi-cloud networks that addresses both the complexity and performance challenges of the modern digital enterprise.

Gigamon and Riverbed

“We recognise the challenges and security risks that result from an organisation’s digital transformation journey,” said Judy Mirkin, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Riverbed. “Gigamon Hawk and Riverbed Unified NPM solutions together provide the aid needed to deliver the critical visibility and insights into the health and security of on-prem and multi-cloud infrastructures.”

“Working with world-class partners, such as Riverbed, we are able to deliver the mission-critical visibility needed to simplify and secure even the most complex hybrid cloud networks,” said Larissa Crandall, Vice President, Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Gigamon. “By providing a unified view across their entire network, through a single interface with built-in management and reporting, together we enable our customers to deliver the high-quality and secure experience their users demand.”

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