Global K9 joins first consortium to promote student safety

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Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG), a provider of canine screening solutions, is part of the first public and private consortium to introduce a new school safety program using detection dogs at Auburn High School, Alabama.

The Paws on Patrol School Safety Program, will help establish a blueprint for school safety standards and brings together law enforcement, school officials, community stakeholders and detection dog experts with the goal of proactively preventing and protecting students from active shooter incidents, while building community confidence.

Paws on Patrol is now also being rolled out in Crete Academy Charter School in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles.

Crete Academy will be provided a team funded by a sponsorship program through one of the non-profit partnerships in Los Angeles.

The Auburn consortium partners comprise GK9PG, City of Auburn Police, Auburn City School – Board of Education, and Auburn High School.

“Paws on Patrol is a call to action for everyone across the public and private sector landscape to address the problem of gun violence by working together to leverage technology, subject matter expertise in public safety, and our collective experience to proactively mitigate this type of threat,” said Michael Larkin, Vice President Commercial Services, GK9PG.

“The success of this mission depends upon a true partnership between public agencies and the private sector, focused on working together in mutual respect with a desire to serve our community.

“The consortium will analyze the performance of Paws on Patrol and, based on the data and GK9PG’s experience with detection dogs, our goal is to create a document of best practices to be shared with education authorities and schools across the nation.”

GK9PG is using Kinetic Explosives Detection Dogs combined with Enhanced Firearms Capable technology for the program.

Kinetic Detection is a science-based method for selecting, training and employing dogs for the identification of body-worn and concealed-carried explosives or firearms.

“We are inspiring a culture of innovation and collaboration between public and private sector agencies,” said Larkin. “Innovation exists at the intersections of our shared experience, and we are stronger together.”

A veteran-owned and operated business, GK9PG is the largest Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-certified third-party canine program provider and the second largest canine company in the US.

In the past ten years there have been a total of 180 school shooting incidences in the US with 27 occurring between January and May 2022. Unfortunately, there have been 365 victims since 2009, with at least 177 US schools having experienced a shooting.

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