Global MSC Security to host Special Online Event ‘Developing Smart Surveillance Operators’

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Global MSC Security has announced that it will host a live Special Online Event on Tuesday 16 March at 13:00 (GMT), to help security managers understand how the latest video surveillance technology is enabling camera operators to improve how live incidents are managed. The ‘Developing Smart Surveillance Operators’ live studio broadcast is free-to-attend and will include expert insights from Genetec, Hanwha Techwin and Bosch Security and Safety Systems.

The handling of incidents in progress requires a very different skillset to managing of post event investigations familiar to most operators, as the Managing Director of Global MSC Security, Derek Maltby explains: “It is not realistic to expect an operator to concentrate on a video wall for long periods of time and detect the often subtle cues, or patterns of behaviour, that suggest an incident is taking place, or about to escalate. It is also true that many operators are not sure about what it is that they need to be looking for.” He adds: “To compound the problem, incidents may occur on cameras that do not have a live feed on the video wall.”

Trained surveillance camera operators are very good at making the right judgement calls under pressure, but they need a clear operating picture. This is where the latest technology can help. The second Global MSC Security Special Online Event will demonstrate how operators can be automatically alerted to potentially suspicious or unusual activity. By presenting them with real-time insights, they can take the appropriate course of action at the right time, to mitigate or deescalate a situation.

“The direction of travel in both public and private sectors is towards smart surveillance and many organisations already have the foundations in place through recent investments in IP-based systems,” continues Maltby. “However, it is also true that in most instances these same systems are vastly underutilised. This event is aimed at putting organisations on the right path, making sure they understand the true value and realise the full potential of what they have.”

The former Surveillance Camera Commissioner and new Chief Privacy Officer at Corsight AI, Tony Porter QPM LLB, will join a panel of independent speakers, chaired by Consultant at Global MSC Security, David White.

The Global MSC Security ‘Developing Smart Surveillance Operators’ Special Online Event is free-to-attend and takes place on 16 March at 13:00 (GMT). It is sponsored by Genetec, Hanwha Techwin and Bosch Security and Safety Systems and media sponsor, International Security Journal.

Registration for the Special Live Event is open now at:

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