Gunnebo Entrance Control showcases airport security solutions

Gunnebo Entrance Control - airport security

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Gunnebo Entrance Control is set to highlight its airport security systems at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024, including its PreSec self-service boarding pass checker before security and LoungeSec, a biometric and facial data solution that controls access for authorized customers to lounge areas.

Additionally, the company will showcase its BoardSec automated self-boarding eGate to accelerate the boarding process alongside ImmSec, designed to verify passengers at border control.

Airport security

“Securing airports at every stage of the passenger journey is crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency in today’s fast-paced travel environment,” said Nathan Anstee, VP Mass Transit Gunnebo Entrance Control.

“As airports continue to serve as critical gateways connecting millions of travelers worldwide, the evolving security threats must be met with proactive and advanced entrance control security.

“At Gunnebo Entrance Control, we understand the significance of effective entrance control systems in mitigating risks and ensuring seamless passenger processes for all key touchpoints.

“Our complete airport portfolio demonstrates how we are supporting airports to manage their passenger flow, combining self-service automated gates with the latest biometric technology and intuitive design.”

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