Guyana signs contract with Veridos for new ID system

Guyana on map - new ID system

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According to new reports, Guyana’s Government has signed a contract worth $34.5 million with Veridos to implement a new electronic identification system.

As outlined by Caribbean National Weekly, the deal will result in new identification numbers and cards for Guyana nationals.

The report says that the system, once implemented, will allow the Government to issue work permits and other documentation for resident identification. It will include a range of features, including privacy, ISO certification, cross-border protection and acceptance by the International Civil Aviation Organization for international travel.

The system will enable the capturing of biographic and biometric information of individuals, which will be stored centrally and printed on laser-engraved polycarbonate material using black-and-white technology with secure pre-printed designs. The cards will carry a chip to allow for the integration of a variety of services.

Guyana‘s President Dr Irfaan Ali said the system “promotes the idea of one citizen, one identity, assigning a unique national identification number to all citizens.”

The cards will also offer fingerprint verification for cardholders, eliminating the need for proof of address when conducting transactions at financial organizations.

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