Hanwha Vision adds audio to surveillance systems

Audio waves and surveillance

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Hanwha Vision has announced that it is adding audio capabilities and an enhanced layer of security to its line of surveillance systems with its new IP Audio System.

According to the company, the new system features several components including speakers in multiple form factors, an audio module for analog speaker control and an audio server.

The system can operate as a stand-alone system, or it can be linked with a video surveillance system as an integrated solution to broadcast either real-time or pre-recorded messages to pre-emptively address suspicious or criminal activities. 

In addition to security-related messages, the system can also be configured to produce background music and informational announcements.

Use cases

Users can input text to speech (TTS) messages that the system broadcasts as audio warnings and other notifications to reduce incidents of criminal behavior in public settings.

For example, while a customer is using an ATM machine, the surveillance system can detect if another person is hovering too close and issue an audio warning to maintain an appropriate distance. 

In perimeter monitoring applications, the system can issue audio warnings if a potential infiltration is detected or if the system senses human activity that indicates a possible perimeter breaching.  

In retail settings, the IP audio system can help prevent theft using a “dwell time trigger” that can detect people in a retail space lingering for a suspiciously long period, indicating the possibility of shoplifting, for example. 

The system can broadcast an audio warning instructing the person to seek assistance from a sales associate, making it clear to any potential shoplifter that their behavior is under surveillance.

Hanwha Vision says that the IP audio system easily integrates into a user’s video management system (VMS), allowing users to select the camera to use with an alarm event.

They can also select the speaker they want to deliver the audio message. 

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