HavenLock joins Partner Alliance for Safer Schools

Classroom - HavenLock and PASS

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HavenLock Inc., developer of the Haven Lockdown system, has successfully applied for and been accepted as a member into the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS). 

PASS offers the most comprehensive information available on best practices specifically for securing school facilities, vetted extensively by experts across the education, public safety and industry sectors.

Guy Grace, long time board member of PASS and a career safety and security director, said: “I was very impressed with [HavenLock’s] school solution. One of the most critical life safety components that a school must deploy is a well thought-out classroom lock function on doors that empowers the staff and students to be able secure the door in an emergency situation without keys or complex actions. 

“Simplicity is key when pursuing classroom locks for schools. School decision makers should pursue code compliant door hardware solutions that are simple to use by both the staff and students. When selecting a solution, school officials should also consider other features and capabilities that today’s door hardware solutions offer such as remote lock down, integrated video surveillance, remote fob and [push button] control and other unifications. HavenLock is one of these companies that can offer a school district these solutions.” 

HavenLock says it began working with PASS last winter on how to combat active shooters in all school settings. A review was conducted of Haven’s proprietary locking system, their training philosophy and methodology, as well as their approach to locking down and securing schools using manual features, egress-compliant push buttons, access control and wireless security panel technology. As a result of this comprehensive review, Haven was granted membership into the organization.

“Haven has been working for years to be a contributing force in the school security space, protecting students and teachers from violent bad actors. Our inclusion into PASS solidifies this commitment and that of our industry partners in ensuring that we have the safest schools in the world,” said Alex Bertelli, CEO of HavenLock.

“The process of working with customers, AHJs, NRTLs, DHS and industry partners to build the strongest, safest and most advanced egress-compliant locking system has taken us almost ten years. We are proud of the work that all of our partners have accomplished with us, and our inclusion in this world-class organization,”

HavenLock‘s wirelessly connected, servo motor-operated locking system is designed to prevent active shooters from gaining access to interior rooms, while alerting first responders to the location of the threat. There are multiple methods to activate/deactivate the system, including push buttons, key fobs, security panels, key switches and mobile applications for egress and fire compliance.

The company’s flagship product, Haven Lockdown, is a universal door locking apparatus that is mounted to a typical commercial door frame to control and prevent access to a specified area.

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