HID acquires ZeroSSL, enhancing PKI solutions offering

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HID has announced its acquisition of ZeroSSL, a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate provider based in Austria.

According to the company, the acquisition will not only augment HID’s capabilities in providing protected communications to and from websites, but also strengthen its reputation as a provider of trusted public key infrastructure solutions (PKI solutions).

“This acquisition marks another step in expanding our PKI and internet of things (IoT) business,” said Martin Ladstaetter, HID Senior VP and Managing Director for IAMS.

“Bringing ZeroSSL’s established expertise and strong brand into the HID portfolio reinforces our commitment to safeguarding digital transactions while expanding our suite of offerings.”

Enhanced PKI solutions

HID highlights that SSL certificates create an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser, safeguarding data privacy.

Issuing more than 500,000 monthly certificates to more than 2.4 million user accounts globally, ZeroSSL’s offerings include an automated e-commerce platform for SSL certificates and integration services for lifecycle management of those certificates.

Without such automation, website operators and owners must manually manage the SSL certificate, thereby risking outages due to human errors and ensuing cybersecurity risks.

“We welcome ZeroSSL to the HID family and are excited to leverage their platform and technology to enhance the customer experience,” said Björn Lidefelt, EVP and Head of HID.

“I look forward to further developing our IoT/PKI solutions as a growth driver for HID.”

Moving forward, ZeroSSL’s offerings will be integrated into HID’s PKI and IoT Business Unit.

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