Hikvision announces special promotion on next generation AcuSense cameras


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Hikvision is launching a special, limited time promotion on the company’s next generation of intelligent AcuSense PCI series cameras. Employing advanced deep learning algorithms, AcuSense cameras can accurately distinguish people and vehicles from other moving targets such as animals and shadows in real-time, vastly improving detection accuracy while reducing costly false alarms.

“Our next generation of AcuSense cameras delivers intelligent features and capabilities that improve safety and security and help eliminate costly false alarms in virtually any environment. AcuSense PCI models use audio and visual alarm messages to actively reduce the risk of intrusion, providing real-time proactive deterrence from crime, intruders and unwanted behaviour,” said Michael Hendrix, Director of Sales Engineering, Hikvision. “These new AcuSense cameras deliver the perfect combination of intelligent performance and cost-efficiency for a wide range of users and applications.”

For a limited time during the month of May, Hikvision is offering select second generation AcuSense PCI cameras at a significant price reduction. Those seeking details about the promotion can request additional information online.

To learn more about Hikvision’s next generation of AcuSense cameras, join a special open webinar on Friday 7 May at 10am PST/1pm EST. Registration for the webinar is free but space is limited.

AcuSense cameras precisely sense human and vehicle movement versus non-human objects, reducing false alarms up to 90% and improving alarm handling efficiency. New strobe light and audio features on SL models vastly improve on-site response and real-time, proactive crime deterrence. The new generation of AcuSense cameras include a host of advanced features, including customisable two-way audio warnings, ultra-low light colour performance and camera-accessible cloud video storage.  

For more information, please visit www.hikvision.com.

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