Hyundai Transys selects Xtract One’s solution to screen for weapons upon entry

Xtract One Tech

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Xtract One Technologies’ SmartGateway security screening solution has been selected to protect entrances at Hyundai Transys, a manufacturing plant, in West Point, Ga.

According to Xtract One, the SmartGateway will be deployed at the plant to protect workers and staff from weapons entering the buildings and to prevent mass casualty events.

“We were able to view and test Xtract One’s Gateway at our partner’s facility – Kia Georgia Inc. – which has had great success with keeping weapons out,” said Jinho Kim, Manager, GA & EHS at Hyundai Transys Georgia Powertrain Inc. “We were impressed by the way the Gateway solution was quickly and accurately detecting weapons and we felt the customization aspect would fit seamlessly into our manufacturing facility.”

According to Xtract One, the SmartGateway is a fast, frictionless, entry screener used by manufacturing plants, casinos and large arenas to unobtrusively detect guns, knives and other potential weapons on people as they enter a facility.

The SmartGateway works by using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered scanners to detect concealed guns and knives and then alert security personnel to conduct a secondary screening. If people aren’t carrying weapons, they walk straight through, without needing to empty their pockets or other personal items.

“Auto manufacturers, their supply chains and other large workplaces are well suited for our Gateway solution, since they often have to get hundreds of workers through the doors quickly during shift changes, which, without modern weapons detection technology, can be a long and slow process,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Xtract One.

“We were so pleased with the way the Gateway solutions looked and worked at our facilities that we recommended Xtract One to our partner, Hyundai Transys,” said Ryan Smith, Program Manager – Security, at Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc.

“Since implementing the solution, we have prevented a significant number of weapons from entering our facility. Additionally, the personnel screening time has been drastically reduced (21 seconds to 2.5 seconds). In an industry based on ‘just in time’ processes, that additional time provides production the flexibility to maintain work areas during crucial times.”

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