i-PRO reveals new line, adding AI to non-AI cameras

Cameras add AI to non-AI cameras

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i-PRO has announced a “revolutionary” new line of cameras that turn non-AI cameras into AI smart devices.

Using AI onsite learning, the new X Series enables users to teach the camera about specific objects they want to monitor.

With support for up to nine AI applications, i-PRO says it is the most powerful AI camera from the company to date.

“The X Series cameras demonstrate our commitment to setting new standards of innovation that are helping to shape the future of our industry,” said Masato Nakao, CEO of i-PRO.

“We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our product and engineering teams as they bring this ground-breaking technology to market.”

Extending the life of older cameras

According to the company, a unique aspect of the X Series camera is its ability to significantly enhance traditional non-AI cameras with AI capabilities.

The AI Processing Relay is an innovative feature that allows customers to add AI capabilities to their existing, non-AI cameras, including cameras from other manufacturers, making them smarter and more efficient.

This solution improves existing surveillance systems and further reduces false alarms.

Cameras with limited AI integration to popular video management systems (VMS) like Milestone and Genetec can now achieve complete parity utilizing this function and i-PRO Active Guard software.

Advanced AI on-site learning

i-PRO says that the new on-site AI learning feature lets customers teach the camera about custom objects they wish to identify and search for or track.

For example, operators could teach the camera to count forklifts passing through the camera’s field of view to provide new metrics about operational efficiency.

A hospital could count ambulances arriving at the emergency room. The camera can even be taught to recognize a logo on a truck and send out an alert when it arrives at the loading dock.

The AI On-site Learning app can even auto-generate multiple training images at different luminance values saving operators valuable time while increasing detection accuracy.

“The new i-PRO X Series represents a groundbreaking leap forward in AI-enhanced surveillance,” said Norio Hitsuishi, Chief Product Officer, i-PRO.

“With the AI Processing Relay app, we’re not just introducing a product, we’re transforming the industry by making older network cameras smarter.

“We now believe this is the most powerful AI camera in the security market.”

The new X Series includes 16 new camera models including eight bullet cameras, four interior domes and four exterior domes with 2, 5 and 6MP options plus 4K models.

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