i-PRO offers new financing plan for security systems

Coins - new flexible payment from i-PRO Americas

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i-PRO Americas Inc., a provider of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, has announced the introduction of its new i-PRO FlexPay Financing.

According to the company, the new program helps organizations of any size stay current with security technology and on budget, while providing a path to ownership without disrupting the procurement process. Offering flexible options, i-PRO highlights that this is the industry’s first financing program to enable customers to purchase a range of third party hardware, software and services as a bundle.  

The best tech

The company says that its FlexPay Financing aims to help organizations access the best security technology available. It eliminates up-front acquisition costs, gives organizations a path to ownership and reduces potential future debt. Payment options include:

  • Deferred payments – initial payments may be deferred for 60, 90, 120, 180 days or up to one year to accommodate the annual budget cycle of any type of organization
  • STEP or FLEX Payments – these options allow for lower payments in the early term or flex payments to match revenue flow. For example, a rural county may need to modernize the security camera system for its jail and courts projected to cost more than $300,000. The county auditor can certify only $75,000 for the fiscal year, but forecasts fluctuating revenue collections for the next few years. With i-PRO FLEX payments, the county could match payments to cash flow projections and proceed with adjustable annual payments
  • Everything-as-a-bundle – customers can purchase i-PRO products along with third party products and services as a single solution bundle, with monthly, quarterly or annual invoice options

While i-PRO FlexPay Financing is an end-user program, the company says that it also benefits i-PRO integration and distribution partners, as they are paid for the full amount of the customer purchase up front.

Return on investment

“New AI analytics technology is critical to strengthening physical security and situational awareness. As a responsible vendor, we’re committed to helping organizations build the best possible solutions for their specific needs – with products from i-PRO along with other providers – and fit into their available funding levels and schedules,” said Bill Brennan, CEO, i-PRO Americas.

“We believe that giving people more options helps them make better competitive evaluations and procurement decisions. We know it gives them better return on investment than proprietary models over the long term.”

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