IAASF 2021 to provide guidance on increasing the resilience of cultural venues

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IAASF 2021, taking place on 23-24 June, will provide the latest advice needed to protect cultural and heritage venues from adversarial threats.

Over the last year, COVID-19 has significantly impacted the arts and cultural heritage sectors. In an attempt to limit the spread of the virus and protect people’s lives, governments around the world mandated the closure of venues such as museums, galleries, libraries and theatres. These closures have also potentially exposed cultural venues to criminal threats.

This resulted in an unprecedented financial impact for the arts and heritage sectors, revenues dramatically dropped forcing the management to take the often-debated decision of staff redundancies.

To support the cultural heritage sector, this two-day conference has been designed to provide those who have responsibilities for the protection, custody and management of arts and antiques, with an opportunity to learn about the threats that exist, how the threats can impact venues and security best practices, increasing the resilience of cultural venues and reducing the risks faced.

Renowned speakers from the corporate and academic world, specialised in security, cultural heritage protection, museum collections, insurance, art market and supply chain amongst others, will be sharing with attendees their latest advice and case studies in the cultural heritage sector.

To ensure that those working in the heritage sector benefit from the conference, their tickets will be FREE of charge.

Register for the conference here: http://bit.ly/IAASFConference2021.

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