ICO Internacional named official distributor of Ajax in Ecuador

Outline of Ecuador - where ICO International will distribute Ajax Systems products

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Ajax Systems, a security system manufacturer based in Europe, has joined forces with ICO Internacional, a distributor of security solutions in Ecuador. According to the company, ICO Internacional is a wholesaler that specializes in importing electronic security equipment and is known for its excellent customer service.

Security solutions

Ajax highlights that this partnership will provide ICO Internacional’s customers with access to innovative security and smart home solutions.

ICO is one of the main distributors of electronic security solutions in Ecuador with 34 years of experience in the market and a solid commercial structure. With its wide range of flexible and adaptable solutions, including intrusion, fire detection, automation and video integration, Ajax says that ICO offers comprehensive protection against any type of threat that adjusts to the specific needs of each client.

Working in Ecuador

“The physical and commercial infrastructure of ICO Internacional, including its local market expertise, commercial reputation and market coverage thanks to its three branches nationwide, will be key to introducing and positioning Ajax’s unique technology focused on the user experience in Ecuador,” said Leonardo Gutierrez Sales manager, Andean region, Ajax Systems.

“As a major distributor of these types of solutions in Ecuador, working with a company that manufactures innovative electronic security equipment is crucial for us for several reasons. Firstly, it allows us to complement our portfolio and offer our customers a greater variety of security solutions,” said Raúl Velásquez, Commercial Director, ICO Internacional.

“This helps us to meet any customers’ needs and increase their confidence in our products and services. Secondly, working with Ajax keeps us at the forefront of the market to be leaders in the electronic security sector. All of this sets us apart from our competition and increases our market share.”

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