Idesco says it’s beating supply chain delays to offer proximity security cards within two days


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Idesco’s TopProx cards are compatible with all 125Hkz readers, and available in a range of formats including 26-bit, 34-bit, and 37-bit.

Idesco Corp. says it has launched an easy way for customers to get proximity cards programmed. Idesco claims its ID card solutions have helped customers stay ahead of the supply chain issues that have been ‘plaguing the industry’.

The firm’s line of TopProx cards is allowing organizations to issue proximity cards to employees, tenants, students, or visitors on demand by printing and programming all cards in-house. All TopProx cards are ISO compliant, fully compatible with all 125Hkz readers, and available in a multitude of formats including 26-bit, 34-bit, and 37-bit.

In a press statement the company said: “With people returning to the office and schools post-pandemic, Idesco wanted to create a simplified approach to getting fully programmed proximity cards. Most TopProx orders ship within two business days to help clients get the cards that they need whenever they want them.”

Idesco’s line of cards features a graphics quality surface optimized for photo ID printing and includes cards with and without a magnetic stripe. Customers also have options to order cards in PVC and composite PVC/PET construction.

Andrew Schonzeit, President at Idesco said: “With the recent supply chain issues, there is a big need in the marketplace for proximity cards. Idesco is ready to help our customers with a wide inventory of ID cards that can be programmed onsite and shipped within two business days. We are fully stocked on supplies to ensure that our clients can always get the access cards they need whenever they need them.”

About Idesco Corp.

Over the last seven decades, New-York based Idesco has provided secure ID badging solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries to help keep people safe and secure. Idesco has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, government offices and event venues. Idesco Corp. carries an extensive line of ID card solutions such as ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID card software, card printer supplies, ID cameras, and badge accessories. For further information, visit

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