software enables Nevada tobacco retailers to verify ID

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LinkedIn has announced that it is combining the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1 with age verification software to aid retailers in Nevada selling tobacco and vape products.

As of January 2023, Nevada retailers are required to digitally scan IDs for tobacco and vape purchases, in compliance with new law, Nevada AB 360. This law extends to liquor stores, vape shops, grocery stores, bars, casinos and any establishment selling tobacco or e-cigarettes.

AB 360 was signed by the governor in May 2021 and prohibits a person from selling, distributing or offering to sell cigarettes, cigarette paper or other tobacco products to a person under 40 years of age without first conducting age verification through enhanced controls that utilize a scanning technology or other automated, software-based system, to verify that the person is at least 18 years of age. says that in addition to basic scanning and age checking, the company’s software performs 2D barcode security, which includes more than 75 artificial intelligence (AI)-powered checks on the barcode on the back of each ID. These additional security checks help detect fake IDs and provide an additional line of defense against tobacco sales to minors.

The company highlights that the solution, powered by the TOUGHBOOK N1, comes with pre-installed software. This allows retailers to start scanning IDs and remain compliant from the day their scanner arrives. The TOUGHBOOK N1 offers high durability, as well as laser auto-focus which speeds up the scanning process.

AB 360 also extends to eCommerce sales, with online tobacco sales in the state requiring ID upload and verification. To accommodate this requirement, additionally offers digital identity verification solutions for eCommerce applications.

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