iLOQ collaborates with Carson for sustainable multifamily living


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iLOQ has collaborated with Carson to bring smart and sustainable living opportunities to major cities across the US.

According to the partnership, in a bid to fulfill multifamily housing residents’ requirements for more tailored living experiences, Carson’s comprehensive management platform and app will be combined with iLOQ’s battery- and cable-free and keyless smart-locking solution.

iLOQ’s open API and SDK allow building integrations that streamline business operations by eliminating bottlenecks and the need to use several applications simultaneously.

They also help to provide better customer experiences and reduce costs.

Personalized living experience

“Residents are demanding more than just a secure place to live; they are demanding a more personalized living experience,” said Robert Mancuso, Vice President Sales, iLOQ USA.

“The integration of our cellphone-based access-management solution with Carson’s app will help to simplify processes, reduce administration, and enhance user experiences.”

The sustainable choice

“Being battery-free and wireless, iLOQ’s solution eliminates maintenance making it the sustainable and green choice and creates an improved ROI for building owners, managers and developers,” added Joni Lampinen, General Manager, iLOQ.

“Another major benefit is that it is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

“Mechanical or battery-powered cylinders can be quickly and easily retrofitted in just a few seconds with no other tools than a basic screwdriver and no changes needed to the door or existing infrastructure.”

Enhancing security

“Our state-of-the-art app, used daily by residents, will now be seamlessly integrated with iLOQ’s ground-breaking battery-free smart-locking solution,” Said Rod Levi-Kluska, VP of Business Development and Sales, Carson.

“This will allow us to enhance security levels in our portfolio of multifamily residential properties while offering the best of the best living experience for our residents,” states Rod Levi-Kluska, VP of Business Development and Sales, Carson. 

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