iLOQ wireless access solution secures storage units

Wireless access lock from iLOQ

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iLOQ has revealed that its battery-free and wireless access solution was deployed to secure Bargold Storage Systems’ storage units within a large multifamily property in Queens, NY.

Storage security

Authorized iLOQ reseller, Paragon Security & Locksmith was contacted by Bargold to install an alternative to traditional mechanical keys.

Bargold’s storage units are often located in the basement of buildings where, in many cases, as in this particular situation, there is no electricity, internet connection or access to Wi-Fi, making keyless entry unreliable and virtually a non-starter.

Paragon therefore introduced Bargold to iLOQ’s solution which features the first lock cylinder to harvest operating energy directly from the NFC field generated by a smartphone for unlocking.

According to iLOQ, this innovation takes physical keys, batteries, excess wiring and internet connectivity out of the equation while maximizing security and ensuring zero maintenance.

Wireless access

Paragon’s design was for a full door replacement project with an iLOQ locking solution.

As part of this project, Paragon furnished and cemented two custom fireproof doors and installed in each an iLOQ 1-1/8″ mortise cylinder with its battery-free, wireless access technology.

Paragon then activated service and programmed individual ‘phone keys’ that are sent to iLOQ’s app running on the tenants’ smartphones.

With the solution, iLOQ says Bargold is able to offer higher levels of security and simplified management of access rights along with the ability to cancel accounts whenever a tenant leaves.

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