More integrations with Gallagher Security’s Command Centre v9

Gallagher Security Command Centre

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Gallagher Security has announced the latest release of its security site management software, Command Centre v9. 

According to the company, Command Centre is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform which manages total site security. 

“Gallagher’s customer-centric mindset and commitment to research and development means we best understand our customers’ needs before implementing the tools, rather than being reactionary,” said Meredith Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Gallagher Security.

“The release of v9 highlights Gallagher’s commitment to providing a solution that enables your security, your way.” 

Increased efficiency

Gallagher says that loaded with new features and enhancements, Command Centre v9 will enable users to manage their business with greater efficiency and flexibility.

The latest release includes enhanced integrations with wireless access control solutions; Aperio, SALTO and IDEMIA Biometric access control devices as well as KONE elevator systems, plus improvements to the Bulk Configuration Tool. 

The Aperio BLE enhancement enables Mobile Connect to be used at both wired Gallagher readers and compatible wireless Aperio readers, providing added convenience to customers as only one credential is required across their site.  

“This Command Centre release illustrates Gallagher’s continued commitment to integration opportunities that can save our customers time, ensure data integrity and enhance the user experience,” added Meredith. 

The company says that Command Centre v9 enables Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for all supported IDEMIA biometric readers, enhancing user experience with rich feedback on the text displays.

Best practice cybersecurity is enforced with all supported IDEMIA readers having OSDP secure channel enabled by default.  

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