Intellicene releases unified security management platform

Arrow - unified security platform concept from Intellicene

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Intellicene, provider of integrated, intelligent security software platforms, has unveiled its new unified security management system, Symphia 8.0.

According to the company, this next-generation solution empowers organizations to embrace a Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE) approach and seamlessly integrate any device or system to extend intelligence gathering and situational awareness.

Powerful integration

Intellicene says that Symphia 8.0 is the only all-in-one video-centric platform that effortlessly merges third-party video management systems (VMS), access control systems, intrusion detection systems and virtually any other networked security device.

The solution enables users to create a customized, end-to-end system to visualize their entire security operation, understand situations in real-time and actively engage numerous resources to quickly respond to and mitigate events.

A part of Symphia 8.0 is Symphia Intelliview, a state-of-the art video client providing operators with a unified and intuitive interface to manage multiple video sources from various disparate systems all within a single application.

“With our latest release, security operators now have the ability to access video streams from not only Intellicene’s VMS but virtually any VMS or NVR on the market today,” said Greg Skarvelis, Chief Solution Architect.

Empowering operators

By layering in incident management and response capabilities available in the Symphia platform, organizations can capitalize on existing technology, drive operational efficiencies and improve security outcomes.

“The digital age has created a proliferation of systems that security operators need to manage. They are overwhelmed by the enormous volume of data, alerts and alarms being generated. Operators are simply drowning in data noise and struggling to stay afloat. As a result, critical incidents are being overlooked,” said Alan Stoddard, Intellicene’s Chief Executive Officer.

“With Symphia, we’re empowering operators to rise above the noise by connecting virtually any system so they can visualize their operations, understand what is happening in real-time and engage resources with the right information to take immediate action.”

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