IPVideo and Vicon introduce partnership to enhance detection

HALO from IPVideo Corporation

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IPVideo Corporation has announced the integration of its HALO Smart Sensor with Vicon’s Valerus Enterprise Video Management System (VMS).

According to the company, the HALO Smart sensor operates without audio or video recording to detect and monitor vaping, THC, chemicals, air quality as well as sound abnormalities like gunshots, where the device will notify facility personnel of abnormal ranges or levels.

This collaboration enables clients to monitor HALO alerts directly from their Valerus VMS, while providing an added layer of protection within facility privacy areas.

Increased safety

IPVideo says that the latest version of its HALO technology, HALO 3C, features all the benefits of HALO 2C, in addition to enhanced features like gunshot detection, emergency spoken keyword, panic button, emergency/escape lighting and a people counting sensor available only with the HALO 3C-PC model.

Additionally, IPVideo’s HALO is suitable for use in areas previously off limits to surveillance or other detection because of privacy concerns, such as restrooms, locker rooms, hotels and patient rooms, expanding the possibility for security detection and protection.

“Our customers benefit from strategic technology partnerships like we have with Vicon and all the possibilities it brings for client safety,” said Rick Cadiz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IPVideo Corporation.

“Be it vaping prevention, security or identifying healthy spaces for occupants, this integration is a value proposition that allows Vicon clients worldwide to provide security for privacy areas across markets.”

A “robust” system

“The integration between HALO Smart Sensor and Valerus VMS empowers schools, hospitals and other facilities worldwide to further unify their physical security and air quality devices,” said Haim Shain, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Vicon Industries.

“Beyond vape and air quality alerts, the HALO Sensor’s gunshot, aggression and panic keyword detections add tremendous value to an increasingly robust and unified Valerus system.

“These new features greatly expand the sensor’s applications and when combined with Valerus’ alarm and video management system, they will help users respond to these invisible threats faster and more effectively; ensuring a safer, healthier space for occupants.”

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