Iris ID Systems reveals AT&T partnership on smart security camera

Iris ID Systems remo+ DoorCam™ 3+ - smart security camera

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Iris ID Systems has confirmed it is now the exclusive North American Representative of the new remo+ DoorCam 3+ LTE over-the-door connected smart security cameras.

According to the company, the remo+ DoorCam 3+ is also now available with AT&T fast, reliable and secure connectivity and will function similar to a cell phone with affordable storage data plans.

With continuous communication available via a Wi-Fi connection and/or the AT&T LTE network, Iris IS Systems says that DoorCam 3+ customers always have access to their security video.

Smart security cameras

The company says that AT&T’s LTE coverage is an important addition to the DoorCam 3+ functionality because it will now reach more customers in more places.

AT&T connectivity will function as a backup to Wi-Fi for the smart security cameras.

This means that if Wi-Fi goes down, the cellular service kicks in providing uninterrupted access to security and to videos.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for remo+ DoorCam to provide affordable security to renters who are unable to make permanent installations in their homes,” said Bryan Quackenbush, Director of e-Commerce, Iris ID.

“The DoorCam 3+ LTE provides a simple and accessible solution for everyone to benefit from.

“With over two million US homes that are broken into every year, this easy over-the-door security camera can be a first step in deterring criminal activity and possibly capturing evidence.” 

“We understand the importance of enhancing your home security,” said Mike Van Horn, Assistant Vice President, Product Management, AT&T Connected Solutions.

“The DoorCam 3+ LTE now integrated with AT&T connectivity, provides an added layer of protection.

“This technology ensures your front door and property is not just monitored; it’s seamlessly connected giving you greater peace of mind.

“Reliable connectivity helps empower users with control and awareness where they need it.”

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