Iris ID partners with uClockit for workforce management

Iris ID

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Iris ID has partnered with uClockit to humanize the approach that organizations have towards administrating workforce management.

Together, these two companies report it will deliver a level of service and customization that modernizes how people are managed and time and attendance solutions are implemented.

“This partnership thrives on trust”

The uClockit software solution is a complete human resource and time and attendance tool.  

With its digital assistant concept and adaptable modular approach, empowers users with a suite of tools to streamline time and attendance, manage vacations, schedules, shifts, productivity across cost centers and more.

Together the multimodal iT100 and the software will help organizations build the solution they need, reduce payroll and administrative costs, eliminate time fraud with the use of biometrics and create a more informed and productive workforce, the companies report.

“This collaboration is based on mutual values of technological resourcefulness and a shared belief in prioritizing people above all,” said David Barnabé, Founder and CEO, uClockit.

“With both teams sharing a rich history of collaboration with major breakthroughs in the early 2000s and a deep understanding of the importance of user-centric solutions, this partnership thrives on trust in the expertise of the teams and the unparalleled support provided.”

Meeting the needs of any organization

The software is paired with the IrisTime Timeclock for the Modern Workforce, also known as the iT100.  

uClockit reports this advanced security multimodal iris and facial recognition device is the only solution on the market that allows ISV (Independent Software Vendors) using REST API web-based applications to create custom software solutions to meet the specific needs of any organization.

Iris ID also offers an Android SDK which allows apps to be developed and installed on the iT100.

“The team at uClockit understands that time and attendance solutions are not a one size fits all,” said Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Iris ID.

“That’s why the iT100 is the perfect answer to empower companies to build for their future.”

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