ISS launches facial recognition technology for airports 

Airport - ISS launch

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ISS (Intelligent Security Systems) has announced the launch of its SecurOS FACT (Faces As Credentials Technology) Check for airports and aviation environments.

Leveraging the company’s FaceX facial recognition technology, FACT Check enables airports to turn their existing security infrastructure, including surveillance cameras and card readers, into a full-featured facial authentication solution for access control.

ISS says that with FACT Check, airports can use images of employees in their current access control or visitor management system without having to go through the expense and time required to re-enroll the entire workforce.

“A game-changer”

According to ISS, some of the main benefits of SecurOS FACT Check include:

  • Multi-factor authentication – while faces can be used as the sole means of granting and denying access, airports can also continue to use physical credentials in tandem with FACT Check to create a multi-factor authentication solution where required
  • Eliminate bias – FACT Check works accurately with any demographic to enable the rapid recognition of personnel
  • Advanced anti-spoofing technology – as with SecurOS FaceX, FACT Check analyzes face liveness at the door to ensure that printed or mobile photos presented at a reader will generate an automatic alarm
  • Speed – the entire identification process and opening of the door is done in less than 500 milliseconds
  • ACS and identify management integration – existing integrations with all major access control and identity management systems
  • Robust data security – all personal data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Tailgating detection – identifies incidents of tailgating at access points and sends an immediate notification to security operators and/or other key stakeholders
  • Loitering detection – generates alerts regarding people loitering near doors and other sensitive areas to provide critical predictive notifications of potential criminal or other disruptive behaviors

“Having released our first facial analytics back in 2004 and with deployments across 56 countries, we have been able to develop incredible capabilities with our facial technology products that outpace both experienced manufacturers and start-ups alike,” said Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS.

“Between whitepapers on how we solved challenges with bias to accuracy in a changing dynamic environment, there is no better way to secure your facility than with our FACT Check solution. 

“The flexibility to use the image in the access control or identity management system as a biometric, with any access control and without re-enrolling the badging population, will be a game changer for airports and we are proud to lead the way.”

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