Rapiscan Systems achieves TSA air cargo approval with Itemiser 5X Trace Detector

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Rapiscan Systems has focused on innovation and reliability when developing the Itemiser 5X Trace Detector. Designed to process trace sample swabs in under eight seconds from a wide variety of sources, including packages, clothing and human skin, it is ideally suited for explosives and narcotics detection across a variety of environments; from airport passenger and cargo screening, to prisons, border patrol, critical infrastructure and event security. The Itemiser 5X has met the requirements to be listed as Approved technology on the TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). The cargo functionality of the Detector can be used outside the USA for cargo screening operations.

With one-hand portability, a built in printer, automatic internal calibration and an onboard battery the Itemiser 5X can be quickly and easily relocated, supporting easy setup across different locations within minutes. Increasing its flexible application further, Rapiscan has incorporated a user expandable threat library that enables users to stay steps ahead by continuously updating threat libraries with new trace signatures found in the field.

Itemiser 5X Trace Detector

“We are pleased to have achieved the milestone of TSA approval with the Itemiser 5X,” says Mal Maginnis, President, Rapiscan Systems. “With threats constantly evolving across the security landscape, end users need solutions that are flexible, future-facing and can keep pace with new threat profiles. We’ve designed the Itemiser 5X as a multi-sector solution to the threats posed by a broad range of explosives and narcotics, including multiple derivatives of Spice, K2 and synthetic opioids. The Itemiser 5X has been designed to achieve the necessary requirements of new standards put in place by certifying bodies all over the world.”

For more information on the Itemiser 5X and Rapiscan’s range of security detection solutions, visit https://www.rapiscansystems.com/en/ 

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