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Jon Adams welcomed as DMP’s Vice President of Sales

New hire - for DMP

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DMP has revealed that Jon Adams has returned to the company to serve as its Vice President of Sales.

He will oversee the Sales Department and direct initiatives to continue growth and development.

“Jon brings a strong sales skill set, but most importantly, the ability to create sales strategy and develop a strong sales team to meet our goals,” said Rick Britton, DMP CEO.

“I’m extremely passionate about our salespeople, about creating a culture of coaching, helping them achieve their goals, giving them the resources they need.

“I’m excited about finding new ways to make it even easier for our dealers to do business with us and helping them incorporate products into their sales offerings in a way that helps them grow their revenue.”

A return to DMP

Adams’ early career began in central station management at Atlas Security.

From there, he moved on to building central stations with other companies.

With this foundation, he transitioned into sales for DMP, representing territories in California for many years.

During this time, he also worked in product management, product marketing and business development.

For the past three years, Adams has taken advantage of additional opportunities, such as building a central station in Richmond, VA, and most recently, serving as CEO of Level Up.

He continued growing his expertise, but missed working with dealers and is excited about reuniting with DMP.

“Of the ten people I know who’ve had the biggest impact in my life that I respect the most, five of them worked at DMP,” said Adams.

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