Knightscope launches automated gunshot detection solution

Gunshots in glass - gunshot detection

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Knightscope has announced that its new Automated Gunshot Detection (AGD) system for indoor and outdoor environments is now available on the market.

According to the company, the AGD system has stand-alone sensors that are easily mounted to existing structures or with the optional pole-mounting kit and solar power for installation flexibility.

Gunshot detection

Knightscope says that in the coming weeks, its clients will have the option to add AGD onto new K1 Blue Light Tower orders or to upgrade the over 7,000 devices already deployed across the country.

The company says that the AGD is completely automated with precision localization that can locate shots in both the horizontal and vertical planes (location and elevation), dramatically reducing police and security response times to help expedite the resolution of active shooter threats.

Once AGD detects a shot, notifications are delivered in less than two seconds (assuming sufficient cellular service) using a multi-sensor system that is incredibly reliable and minimizes false alarms.

The company says that an on-site, hyper-focused, real-time system is significantly more effective than attempting a city-wide approach over vast areas.

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