Knightscope improves transportation security in Texas

Knightscope Towers - transportation security

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Knightscope has revealed an expanded transportation security contract for three of its K1 Blue Light Towers with a public provider located in Texas, bringing the total number of Towers purchased to 13.

In addition, contracts for the Knightscope Emergency Management System (KEMS), a full-service maintenance program and a two-year voice and data plan, were signed to cover all 13 devices.

Transportation security

According to the company, its client operates bus, paratransit services and a commuter rail system that serves a large city and several suburbs in multiple counties of central Texas.

It covers over 500 square miles of service area with a system of more than 1,600 bus stops and 80 routes.

The system supported a ridership of over 21 million people, or approximately 81,000 per weekday, as of the third quarter of 2023.

Knightscope’s Blue Light Towers will provide passengers with familiar, highly visible points to establish reliable, one-touch communication with emergency services and enhance transportation security.

The company says that the Blue Light Towers are always available and are particularly helpful when cell phone service is scarce or a phone’s battery has died, providing the exact location of the device being used so that services may be quickly dispatched.

By contrast, law enforcement professionals are unable to pinpoint people using their personal cellular devices to contact 911 because GPS data is not transmitted through the system.

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