The Last Word With… David Antar, IPVideo Corporation

David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation

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David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation, unveils how the company can improve safety at a range of campus-based locations.

What range of industries does IPVideo Corporation provide solutions for?

IPVideo Corporation focuses heavily on campus environments with multiple facilities and has become the leading expert in helping schools improve safety.

The company’s worldwide client base spans across sectors including education, public housing, hospitality, commercial real estate and healthcare.

IPVideo Corporation is served by a network of certified distributors, dealers and system integrators who benefit from ongoing corporate support and training.

Can you tell us about Sentry ERS?

IPVideo Corporation has made it a mission to help society respond to emergency situations with the introduction of its Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System, purpose-built for schools and campus environments.

With the simple push of the lockdown button on the base unit, the entire school lockdown protocol is initiated. This includes doors locking, PA announcements and activation of strobe lights throughout a facility.

Additionally, audible lockdown messages are played from the unit, location beacons are provided, police dispatch is notified, push notifications are sent out to security, administration, etc. and live audio and video communications are automatically established with first responders to assess and address the critical situation.

Each Sentry ERS unit comes with a dedicated mobile communication device for those in distress to broadcast a secondary video stream and communicate with first responders live, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene.

What other solutions does IPVideo Corporation provide to its customers?

Over the years, HALO has become known for its broad range of applications such as gunshot detection, keyword alerting, air quality monitoring, vaping, smoking, etc. and continues to be known in the industry as an IoT Smart Sensor going beyond just vaping. 

We also have a cost-effective passive weapons and theft detection system called ViewScan which is safe for anyone to pass through and take a video snapshot of the ferrous metal object on the person.

This eliminates the need for pat down searches. Another new solution is the AI-based driver safety solution called VuroAI, widely used by the fleet transportation industry. 

What it is that makes IPVideo Corporation stand out in the market?

IPVideo Corporation has been an industry pioneer since 1996 and is now at the forefront of developing unique event-driven AI security and safety solutions.

With a purpose-driven mission to help make the world a smarter, safer and healthier place, the company continues to introduce products that are true game changers in the industry.

Our products solve difficult problems, are manufactured in the US and have open APIs which allow for integrations with leading security, emergency communication and building management systems. 

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