The Last Word With… Nick Israel, Ai-RGUS

Nick Israel at Ai-RGUS

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Nick Israel, Regional Sales Director for Ai-RGUS tells SJA about the company’s plans for next year.

Can you tell me about yourself and your role at Ai-RGUS?

I serve as the Regional Sales Director for Ai-RGUS, a revolutionary stand-alone and fully automated AI-based software company.

Our solution automatically verifies any problems, including camera liveness, image clarity and correctness, recording availability or cybersecurity vulnerabilities and alerts the security team so that they can ensure constant performance, user convenience and safety, while saving clients’ money and time.

I work with great clients, from end users to system integrators, across the US and around the world.

I am grateful to be playing a part in helping to make our clients’ experience in their adoption of Ai-RGUS’ game-changing software smooth and easy, at every step of the way.

What makes Ai-RGUS stand out in the market?

Ai-RGUS answers a problem that security camera users have faced since security cameras were invented, that no one has successfully addressed before.

A client purchases a camera system for a reason and inevitably, problems with their system will arise with use.

Ai-RGUS harnesses one-of-a-kind AI technology to automatically check image correctness and system health, informing users about these inevitable camera performance problems, before these become problems of missing footage or unusable evidence.

Ai-RGUS delivers our clients peace of mind that their camera system is performing as planned and gives them the information they need to proactively and efficiently maintain their system, providing maximum return on their security investment.

What does “no camera left behind” mean?

Our customers tell us that over the course of a year, over 50% of their cameras will have a view problem.

“No camera left behind” means that with Ai-RGUS, our customers can be sure that every component of their camera system is working as planned and that they’ll have correct and usable video evidence on hand when they need it the most.

Best of all, Ai-RGUS is already integrated with almost every commonly used system on the market.

What are the company’s goals for 2024?

The company’s goals for 2024 are to continue working with managed service providers to spread awareness that camera systems, both new and existing, need software to monitor their performance.

In the same way that you would not consider stepping into a car without airbags, deploying a camera system without reasonable measures of protection that they will function when you need them should be a thing of the past.

The story of cameras failing when you need them is all too common and it is our goal that every camera includes software to alert its owner when a problem occurs.

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