The Last Word With… Tom Reilly, Commend Americas

Tom Reilly, Commend

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Tom Reilly, President of Commend Americas explains why the company is a trusted solutions provider.

What kind of solutions does Commend offer?

Commend has been in business for just over 50 years and we’ve been in the Americas for just over 20 years. We offer communication systems and solutions for a wide variety of professional applications – think intercoms and public address as well as supporting software and AI solutions – for any cases that drive safety, security and operational efficiency.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality secure communications across a wide network of industries, commercial buildings, smart cities, school campuses, public spaces, healthcare, utilities/critical infrastructure and airports.

Can you tell me about your new Symphony Control Desk?

Symphony is a new platform and overall technology generation from Commend. We made a big generational change that encompasses our whole portfolio and we’ve been progressively adding both hardware and software solutions to this suite.

Control centers receive many a wide range of calls from many different areas and large multi-locational operators often rely on Commend to facilitate high-quality, secure, informed communication.

The new Symphony Control Desk is the latest evolution of this principle. It includes a touchscreen and robust buttons that allow an operator to not only receive calls and converse with people in a variety of places across the globe, but in an informed and integrated way. Our solutions also collect critical event data and provide modern reporting capabilities along with the ability to connect with other software packages to give more situational awareness.

What differentiates Commend in the market?

As Commend has developed over the years, we’ve settled on some core tenets. Our slogan is: “Trusted. Communication. Always.” We want to be viewed as the trusted solution provider for our customer.

Cybersecurity is another core capability that sets Commend apart in the market. We recognized – well in advance of a lot of the industry – the importance of focusing on cybersecurity. The other aspect is the breadth of our solutions. We’re not just an intercom provider; we’re a unified communications solutions leader with a problem-solving nature.

Additionally, we have a tradition of moving the industry forwards for our customers, with a real depth of R&D investment that has led us to be at the forefront of the industry.

How will Commend continue to grow over the next 12 months?

We are still in growth mode, which is very exciting and we will see significant growth in the Americas. There’s a lot of growth opportunity across the globe and we plan on bringing additional solutions to market as well as growing in some very specific verticals, such as critical infrastructure, correctional facilities and maritime.

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