LEGIC and SEALSQ expand ongoing partnership

Handshake - LEGIC and SEALSQ

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SEALSQ and LEGIC Identsystems have announced an expansion of their existing partnership where the former provides key semiconductor components for the LEGIC Security Platform.

SEALSQ is a semiconductor manufacturer that offers secure open hardware platforms with a Common Criteria EAL 5+ certification.

According to the companies, such platforms are ideal to host and run secure client applications that offer the highest level of security for authentication and access management applications.

LEGIC highlights that its end-to-end Security Platform is ideal for enabling applications that require secure, contactless management of the interaction between people and things both on and offline: 

  • Access control for buildings, rooms, lockers, furniture and IT equipment such as terminals and printers
  • Applications where many users share high-value resources such as vehicles, machines, office space or IT resources
  • Supply chain security requiring managed and auditable access to containers and vehicles
  • Smart city applications that match parking, public transportation, infrastructure access, tourism and social inclusion services to individual permissions and requirements
  • Closed-loop ePayment applications such as corporate canteen or vending services

Access control

“SEALSQ is proud to support leading authentication and smart access control platform solution specialist LEGIC to help them achieve the latest level of security and certification compliance with their products, while reducing deployment complexity and time-to-market,” said Franck Buonanno, VP of Sales at SEALSQ.

“LEGIC’s end-to-end Security Platform depends on best-in-class hardware and software components,” added Christoph Beckenbauer, General Manager at LEGIC.

“With key semiconductors from SEALSQ embedded in our platform, we are confident that our customer’s applications are strongly protected against a wide range of cybersecurity threats.”

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