Liberty Defense threat detection to be deployed in Chile

Liberty Defense

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Liberty Defense has announced its HEXWAVE system, a walkthrough threat detection system, has been purchased by a Juvenile Correctional Facility in Santiago, Chile.

According to the company, the deployment is due to commence this summer.

The system was purchased by Setronix Chile S.A., a leading security company with over 30 years of experience deploying and maintaining cutting-edge technology solutions for security applications throughout Chile.

What features does HEXWAVE have?

The system will be operated by SENAME, the National Minors’ Service (Servicio Nacional de Menores), a government agency managed by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

HEXWAVE is a walkthrough, contactless threat detection system that uses low-power radar imaging, coupled with AI and an advanced computing platform, to detect concealed threats.

It provides automated go/no-go decision support to security operators and can detect all types of concealed weapons, including metal and non-metal weapons, plastics, powders and other prohibited items.

HEXWAVE is seeing growing adoption in multiple market verticals requiring high levels of security including courthouses, national labs, prisons, government facilities and ports of entry in aviation and other sectors, the company reports.

HEXWAVE provides a safe and efficient screening solution for juveniles as an alternative to transmission X-rays. 

Expanding into Latin America

“This is an important award for Liberty as we expand our customer base internationally and into Latin America,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“We won this tender based on HEXWAVE’s mobility and its ability to safely and efficiently screen for a broad range of threats and prohibited items to secure the safety of all within the correctional facility.

“We are confident this will lead to more adoption throughout Chile.”

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