Mammoth Security launches access control integration

Mammoth Security and Yardi voyager - access control management

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Mammoth Security Inc., a leader in cutting-edge security solutions, has unveiled new integration protocols that unite Integrated Control Technology’s (ICT) Protege GX access control software with the world’s leading property management systems, Rent Manager and Yardi. 

When integrated with property management system (PMS) software, Protege GX access control credentials and authorization rules are all programmed directly through the PMS interface.

Access control software then updates to match the PMS and enforce its rules. 

Property managers are thereby empowered to onboard new tenants, create new access rules and remotely adjust site access privileges directly through the same PMS platform they use daily. 

Streamlining access control

“Property management companies save a lot of time when they have a centralized, all-in-one platform for managing all their software systems,” said Eugene Klimaszewski, President of Mammoth Security Inc.

“But the benefits of integration go beyond money savings and workflow efficiencies. We’re making smart new access control features possible for the first time.” 

For example, suppose a PMS shows that a tenant has fallen behind on rent.

In that case, integrated software can automatically limit the tenant’s access to specified amenities and resources – such as exercise rooms and intercom systems – while still granting access to their apartment unit. 

Additionally, PMS-integrated access control systems maintain detailed audit trails that they share with PMS analytics modules to help property managers better understand tenant behavior and optimize staffing needs.

Most importantly, integrated access control empowers property managers to instantly deactivate credentials through the same PMS platforms they use every day.

This time-saving integration is crucial when credentials are lost or stolen or when credential holders pose a danger to staff or residents. 

Remote credential management tools also sidestep one of the most stressful aspects of the property manager role: evicting residents and collecting keys.

Rather than needing to change locks or call in authorities, integrated credentials automatically deactivate when tenants are removed from the PMS. 

Mammoth Security has already implemented its new integration protocols to great success for Up Realty LLC, a real estate company with numerous multifamily properties throughout Connecticut.

By integrating Up Realty’s PMS software with the ICT Protege GX, tenant access privileges at complexes and apartment buildings throughout the state are now securely monitored and managed through a single, familiar PMS interface.

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