EXCLUSIVE: Powering security systems with renewable energy

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Cercar Energy is a leading manufacturer of solar panels and non-conventional renewable energy sources. Its experience in the construction of solar solutions for remote areas has positioned it to become one of the key providers for renewable energy across Colombia. This is an edited version of a full feature which appeared in the June issue of Security Journal Americas. Details below.

To protect its brand-new logistics headquarters, Cercar Energy sought a total security solution that would prevent intruders, simplify access and, most importantly, keep its team of 40 staff and contractors safe.

The HQ is in Barranquilla, a city in the very north of Colombia, capital of the department of Atlántico on the western bank of the Río Magdalena five miles from the sea.

Cercar Energy’s parent company in the Cercar Group also provides integration services for digitalized physical security and has been a Certified Gallagher Channel Partner since 2016.

So, when it came to selecting a manufacturer to protect the new building, Cercar’s parent company focused on Gallagher solutions.

For the new HQ it opted to install a fully-integrated access control, perimeter and intrusion detection solution to deliver secure site management and simplify operations. Gallagher’s Command Centre software platform was installed, along with Gallagher T20 and T15 readers for access control and a Monitored Pulse Fence system for perimeter protection.


Mobile credentials are also widely used on site for access control purposes. Utilizing Gallagher’s Mobile Connect App staff are provided with a highly-secure access credential that is convenient and able to be assigned remotely.

Hernan Charris, General Manager for Cercar Energy, says one of the key security requirements for their site was reliable perimeter protection that would prevent intrusions into logistics and construction facilities.

“We have a lot of high-value assets on site that if stolen, would not only result in financial implications for us, but could also pose a risk to the safety of our people,” said Hernan.

By using the reporting available within Gallagher Command Centre, Cercar Energy has a single point for accessing detail such as fence voltage levels, operator use statistics, or specific zone alarm data. That saves time, streamlines operations and reduces cost.

Uniquely powered

In what is a first for Gallagher’s security solutions in the Americas, Cercar Energy’s entire perimeter fence installation, access control, and intrusion protection is run from solar energy.

To protect the environment and drive cost-savings, Cercar Energy required an alternative way to power their security solution off the grid. Through Cercar Energy’s specialized skills it chose a power supply from a self-contained solar-energy tower.

Security Journal Americas June 2022 online magazine
The perimeter protection feature in the June issue of SJA begins on page 76

It saves money on energy and acts as a fine advert for the company’s products and energy solutions.

This is an edited version of a full review which appeared in the June issue of Security Journal Americas.

“The fact we can run our entire security system via solar energy is fantastic and from our perspective, it’s truly the way of the future,” says Hernan.

“By using the Gallagher system in its entirety for our daily operations and being a Channel Partner of the company, we utilize our logistics headquarters as a show room to demonstrate to end-users the benefits and features of the Gallagher solution through real-time examples.”

You can read the magazine online HERE with this perimeter protection feature article beginning on page 76.

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