Metrasens detection technology integrated with Milestone X-Protect

Integration cogs - Metrasens detection technology

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Metrasens has announced the real-time integration of its Metrasens Ultra detection technology system into Milestone’s XProtect platform through the App-Techs BTX integration engine.

The company says that the integration classifies events and alarms from Metrasens Ultra’s five detection zones, as well as all five levels of signal strength, allowing system operators to easily identify and manage events.

Detection technology

According to Metrasens, some of the key benefits of this integration include:

  • Association detection alarms to any number of cameras configured within XProtect
  • Create situation-specific and/or site-specific alarm messages for easy understanding and action
  • Trigger matrix views, PTX presents and user-defined events
  • Search detection metadata in the Smart Client
  • Monitor the online/offline status of Metrasens Ultra
  • Manage alarm state and tag alarms for alarm resolution

“We are beginning to unlock more value in Metrasens Ultra, empowering security ecosystems by integrating into third party security management systems,” said Ron Long, Vice President of Customer Success for Metrasens.

“This is an exciting step along with App-Techs and the BTX client bridge to Milestone XProtect, a recognized leader in the video management software space.”

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