Michigan cannabis cultivator secures facility with Paxton

Cannabis cultivator facility

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Paxton has revealed that its Net2 access control platform has been installed at Highlands Grow, an industrial-scale cannabis cultivator that produces the plant for medicinal and recreational use.

According to the company, the Michigan-based cultivator produces cannabis with extremely high-market value, so needs to be secured with a sophisticated and advanced security system.

Cannabis cultivator compliance

Before using the Net2 security installation, the cannabis cultivator facility was secured using traditional forms of access control such as locks and keys.

This meant that the site would not meet the legal requirements as outlined by Michigan state law to secure the higher volume of product they plan to produce as they increase the size of their customer base.

Paxton highlights that for the new security system to meet legal surveillance requirements, cameras needed to be integrated alongside a remote alert system.

For Highlands Grow, that meant monitoring 50 cameras, while securing 21 doors which lead to large-scale grow rooms and secure vaults, storing curing cannabis and finished products.

Access control

The cannabis cultivator facility therefore installed Net2, Paxton’s flagship networked IP access control system.

The company says that the system was integrated seamlessly with VIVOTEK cameras, meaning that Highlands Grow can now remotely monitor every door on their facility 24/7, using Net2Online software and the Paxton Connect app. 

Additionally, Paxton’s vandal-resistant Entry range touch panel has been fitted on the main entrance to the facility, alongside an Entry Premium monitor in the site’s security station.

The Net2 software has been configured to provide notification alerts on the owner’s smart devices if people are trying to enter the building outside of business hours. 

Net2 readers were fitted across all doors alongside the camera integration to monitor access from internal employees to grow rooms and vaults.

These readers have been configured to allow different access levels depending on seniority in the company and time restrictions added to lock down rooms with no need for frequent access. 

Further expansion

Paxton says that the Net2 system has been installed at the cannabis cultivator facility with no problems and the owners are pleased with how easy Net2 access control is to use.

They have been maximizing its use with proximity cards, which have doubled up as access tokens and ID cards.

“Using Net2 is very smooth. Once I started using the Paxton Connect app, it has been a breeze. Almost too easy,” said Matt Saagman, Director of Cultivation at Highlands Grow.

“As we expand out our facility, we plan to keep building on the current system and we are interested in seeing what else it can do as we grow.”

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