Milestone Systems holds AI press meetings at ISC West

Milestone Systems

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Milestone Systems has reiterated the need for discussions on balancing technology innovation and responsibility when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), having held press meetings on the topic at ISC West 2024.

Milestone Systems signed the 2018 Copenhagen Letter urging stronger privacy safeguards during adoption of GDPR.

Milestone Systems adopted the G7’s landmark Code of Conduct on Artificial Intelligence last year — becoming the first video management software company to align with internationally recognized principles for trustworthy AI development and use, the company reports.

“We view upcoming regulations as an opportunity to strengthen responsible technology practices that respect civil liberties and human rights,” said Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems.

Impacting generations to come

“True alignment requires collaboration between the private sector, policymakers, academia and civil society.

“The decisions we all make today around responsible AI will impact generations to come.”

Milestone says its commitment to responsible AI includes researching societal implications, conducting internal testing, and monitoring products post-deployment.

Safeguarding human rights

“Right now, our industry has an urgent duty to take the lead in determining how AI technologies are developed to benefit society,” said Jensen.

“Through dialogues such as these at ISC West, we aim to chart a principled path forward for video technology — one founded on safeguarding human rights.”

Milestone hosted these interviews on the heels of major regulatory moves such as the EU’s proposed AI Act seeking to curb harmful applications while enabling most beneficial use cases to flourish.

The European Commission’s risk-based proposal categorizes AI systems based on their level of risk, with requirements and restrictions increasing accordingly

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